Hello world!


This is my first time blogging so be nice!

A friend of mine recently started a blog and after seeing how big-headed talented she was with it and how a  blog could be used for something other than talking about one’s self I thought I’d give it a bash and see how it went.

It was suggested to me (by previous said friend) that a topic was needed for this blog to give it (or rather me) some direction to aim for. History leapt out at me (mainly as I was a History degree student) but then, who wants to read the ramblings of a 21 year olds view on the Persian wars? (or at least those who have a life!) . The next thing was books. So, ok not too big a leap here from history to books. Clearly I fit some type of architectural history geek here. So books it is… kinda.

Now I am not going to lie to you dear readers and claim that this blog will be purely about books, as I would find that boring! So, TV shows may appear, (especially those based on books/ starring Angie Harmon) or general life situations/problems, but I do endeavour from this moment that 95% 85% 75% 60% of this blog shall feature books! 😀 or some close reasonable tenuous reference to books.

If you like please leave comments, e-mails, a general communication of some sort. If you don’t like, well bugger off… Well, maybe not, but do be respectful  😀

Thanks guys!


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  1. Me likey very much! Even if you did slate me… 😛 Much love! xxx

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