The Secret Diary of a Call Girl

<— Safe to say I’m not Billie Piper under an alias!

So. Imagine this. You’ve booked the day off work and are having a relaxing time. The phone rings. The fly in your otherwise perfect day. You answer. “Hello, this is Meg calling from…” SLAM. You put the phone down. “Bloody foreign call centres! As if she is really called Meg”. You get on with your day.

This you? Well imagine a few miles away in ENGLAND, a young girl of 21. A history graduate from a red brick university. Trying to get a job and stumbling over the prospect of a monthly wage with a catalogue company. Ok, not quite in the line of work she was planning (cough) but a steady income calling people. Easy? No.

Your automated dialler rings the 1st person of the day. “What do you want?” Is the greeting. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve heard Hello was always the polite way to answer! Not a great start. But you have a job to do. “Hello, my name is Meg and I’m calling from X catalogue. Please may I speak to Mrs. J Smith”. “I don’t want anything” is quite often the response. Now. I agree. Its often a good response. However, one out of my 5 campaigns that I try and sell, a different payment option, is worth listening too. And too a certain extent 2 of the others are as well. I believe that the company are a bit nuts to offer them as how any switched on customer loses out on the deal I’ll never know.

However, do people allow you to explain? Offer a possibly worthwhile payment option which could actually save you money? No. I’ve been accused of lacking an education, sworn at, laughed at, ridiculed, shouted at, complained about, threatened to be sued and arrested (by the clients, not by a judge or police!) If you’ve read my previous post on christmas, you’ll have noted that I seem a pretty down to earth kinda gal and love my friends and family and its safe to say I’ve never had this kind of attitude towards me before. It’s often exasperating, annoying and sometimes hurtful when you get the nightmare customer. At the end of the day, these people have AGREED for us to call them so should not be surprised when we do!

So. My message? If they sound english, young, female and work for a catalogue, its me so be nice and talk to me. If they don’t, hang up! 😀

(Side note: clearly the book is the Secret Diary of a Call Girl by Belle De Jour. Read it. Watch it. Don’t. S’up to you!)


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