The Big Bang Theory

I love the Big Bang Theory (TBBT) and do think it is one of the funniest shows on TV in the USA. When I was at University, a friend told me about sidereel and I quickly learnt that any shows airing I could now watch (especially as I had no TV for a year!). It allowed you to write reviews on the TV shows and I recently googled myself and found all my old reviews! (sad? Yes. Entertaining? Well depends how you look at it…) So I figured I would bunch them together and add them on to here. This is after all my reviews on books, so why not on one of my favourite TV show too?

Season 2 Episode 11: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

Very good episode, extremely good in fact, the last scene is still making me chuckle now.

Overall, The Big Bang Theory is picking up week by week and although it still is not up there with some of my favourite shows; it is definitely climbing the ladder.

Penny is still my favourite character, and although she doesn’t add the element that the others do, laughs at nerds, she brings the show down to earth, and in her own element is funny.

I believe the actress has come a long way from her very dumb Disney star of ‘8 Simple Rules’ and I am glad she is has been able to develop like she has.

The show today had some excellent bits, and at last we see that maybe Leonard and Penny might again have that romance that was so prolific in the first series.

The only down side to this episode for me was the lack of Sara Rue, her character is amazing and its lovely for Leonard to actually find a girl who really likes him. I understand that as she is not a permanent member of the cast, she will not always be in the show, but there was no mention of her character at all – though this was probably needed to show the connection between Leonard and Penny.

Altogether a very good episode, and may the writers keep producing some of the pearls they are giving us in Big Bang entertainment.

Season 2 Episode 15 – The Maternal Capacitance

First off, can anyone tell me what has happened to Sara Rue? She played Leonard’s girlfriend and I don’t recall them breaking up.

Besides this little confusion, I really liked this episode, mainly due to Christine Baranski, playing Leonard’s mum. The Big Bang Theory must have some great connections as both Christine Baranski and Sara Rue are favourite actresses of mine and to have had them both in TBBT is really amazing. Christine Baranski played Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, and played it really well, getting Sheldon type characteristics down to a tee.

As I have stated before, Sheldon is by far my favourite comedy character on TBBT and to have him and Christine Baranski together and the interaction between the two was priceless. It was a very good piece of writing and acting.

The other big event of this episode was the very close sex escapade of Leonard and Penny. Obviously there is still some connection between the two that we saw in the finale of the previous season and Penny drunk releases her inhibitions to allow this close call, plus the fact she felt sorry for him with his ‘hugging machine’ and for her own apparent failure at being an actress, so acutely shown by Dr. Beverly Hofstadter. However, I was cringing when Leonard decided to become Freudian during his hopeful attempt at sleeping with Penny, and I was fully behind her when she told him to shut up.

This episode, although maybe showing the connection between the two, Leonard and Penny, it also probably put their chance of dating again a step or two back, due to Leonard’s inability to shut his mouth.

Funniest scene has to be the last one with Sheldon convincing Dr. Beverly Hofstadter to partake in some act. Due to it being Sheldon we know deep down that it is not a sexual act but the scene when Leonard walks in to the living room has got to be one of the best so far.

Altogether a great episode, though for me, mainly due to Christine Baranski and her character, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 3, Episode 2 – “The Jiminy Conjecture” Review

At last the Big Bang Theory isn’t sweeping the Leonard/Penny relationship under the rug anymore! Last season, we saw how quickly the two of them were prepared to become just friends again and last week’s episode seemed to suggest that they might do that again. I have to admit, I was worried for a second towards the end of this week’s episode that they would become ‘Just Friends’, but the writers must have listened to the outcry of the public over the need to see Penny and Leonard really together.

I loved how Leonard and Penny went with the idea of being friends to lift the pressure off them to have sex, and then they just had sex straight away afterwards. Hopefully, this means that they become boyfriend and girlfriend for real. The writers are obviously going to play around with Sheldon telling Penny things he shouldn’t tell her, and this blowing up in Leonard’s face.

We finally see Sheldon wrong about something as well (other than about social aspects of life). I think for Sheldon to admit he is wrong shows how much more accepting and grown up he is compared to the earlier seasons. He is understanding basic social aspects now – although at the end of this episode, we saw the old Sheldon who doesn’t really care if he did something wrong socially.

My only disappointment about this season so far is the lack of Penny and Sheldon together. I know its only episode 2 and there is a long way to go till the end of the season but last season the writers seem to have grasped that Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco’s chemistry on screen is amazing and they act so well together. Some of the best moments from last season were them two having a general conversation.

Overall, I think this episode was great for the movement of Penny and Leonard’s relationship, but there weren’t many areas of it that I found laugh out loud funny.

(side note: ok so there is nothing book related to TBBT. At all. No books are based on this series nor are they based on a series. SO. I have gone for the brainiest book I know. Charles Darwin and his “On the Origin of Species” book. Creationists will not like. Evolutionists will love. Ok so Albert Einstein would also have worked but I have read bits of Darwin’s so that’s why it has been chosen! Read it. Don’t. S’up to you!)


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