Snow – love it or hate it?

I am currently sat in a snow storm trying to get home for the night. Why am I out in a snow storm? Because dear readers, I am mad. I follow football and support Burnley Football Club. The super clarets. The Pride of Lancashire. (Unless your from anywhere else in Lancashire). I sat and watched a match in minus degree weather, while snow fell all around us. This should have sent us home. We were late and could still park. This should have sent us home. The people sat next to us left at half time. This should have sent us home. But no. My father and I are “true” supporters. If we can make a game, we will make a game and stay for the full 90 mins and injury time. Today, this was a mistake. Burnley is high up (topographic speaking). Snow falls here even when it doesn’t anywhere else in the county. Plus, it has many hills. Meaning that when it does snow, no one can move as cars can’t get up the hills due to the snow. So now I am trying to get home and we have moved perhaps 2 miles in 2 hours. And half of one of those miles would have been walking to the car from the ground.


So back to the question of the title of this post. Snow, love or hate it? At the moment, I hate it. If it’s still here tomorrow and I have no where to be, I’ll love it. At 21, the time I most feel like an adult is when it snows. When it becomes a nuisance to your life and routine. When the first thing you think is “crap” just because it snowed overnight you know your an adult. Children see snow and it’s magic. School is cancelled, parents are at home, sledges are brought out and a trip to the park becomes your main goal in life. The whole world becomes an instant playground and throwing things without major consequence become normal.
An adults view is somewhat different. Schools are cancelled: means you have to pay for a child minder. You can’t get to work: means a day less pay. Sledges are brought out: means you’ll have to lug it to the park and up the hill while your kids throw snowballs at you. Trying to drive anywhere becomes impossible and even if you were kitted out for snow in your car, no one else in England is so you still can’t go anywhere.

For those reading this from outside of the UK, you might be sweetly mistaken to believe that I talk about a few feet of snow. At the moment I see about a few inches of snow and it has as I said, taken two hours to move a few miles. As a country we aren’t prepared, ever, for snow. Our grit doesn’t work below a certain temperature. Our gritters are too few and when they do pass us to grit we complain as they ruin the paint work on our cars. No one owns snow tyres or chains and very few people carry a shovel or grit in their boot in case they get stuck. Our drivers don’t know how to drive in the snow, and as such, accidents and problems occur.

If, as a nation, we could learn to embrace snow, learn how to drive in snow and learn how to handle snow, then maybe the majority of us would say love to my earlier question but until that happens, snow will always be a problem, will always cause accidents and will always be hated by the english!


Oh and to top it off, Burnley didn’t even win!

(Side note: not too sure what book would best portray this idea of problems with snow. Maybe ‘Snow Tiger’ by Desmond Bagley. Only because it has a snowy title! If it is snowing near you stay safe!)





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