Contagious – Emily Goodwin

This book was first privately published, this meant that Emily Goodwin used the internet and e-books to get her story out. It has since been picked up by a publishing company but only after the success she has managed to achieve on her own. Full credit must go to Ms. Goodwin for not giving up on her story and still getting it out there to the public.

I am not usually one for Zombie stories. I’ve never seen “21 days” later or “Dawn of the Dead” and the “Walking Dead” tv show has never appealed. So why did I chose this story? Simply, it was recommended by Amazon for my Kindle. The reviews were promising and I never judge a book by its cover. Plus, due to either books now being free or ridiculously cheap, my reading horizons have broadened.


We start with Orissa drunkenly stumbling home to her Aunt’s house. We see she has been in trouble recently and seems to be some sort of party trouble maker. She develops appendicitis and has to go to hospital for surgery. Cut to her returning to the hospital for a check-up and all hell breaks loose. It seems that some sort of military control is exercised with gas bombs exploding and we next find Orissa in the basement of the hospital with many sick patients, one doctor and a few nurses.  We find out that there has been a virus epidemic and that this virus has made people into ‘Monsters’. Orissa unwittingly becomes in charge of this little band of sick people as she seems to have some sort of background enabling her to understand danger and to overcome that danger. Escaping with the few remaining able bodied people, Orissa goes on a journey to rescue her best-friend, save her new comrades and find a quarantine compound.

The little group is saved from a Zombie attack by a group of soldiers who tell them of a compound with a few hundred survivors. Orissa is given the high title of A1 (soldier who goes on raids and looks for supplies and survivors) due to her impressive skills such as hunting, tracking and shooting any type of weapon (including a bow and arrow). She develops an easy friendship with her room-mate, Hayden, and we are left with a shocking ending that cliff-hangs until the next instalment.


For a Zombie apocalypse book this is good. As I said before, I am not usually into this genre but this series has converted me slightly, as in I will now be more willing to read past Zombie in the blurb before putting it back on the shelf. The characters are beautifully crafted and you believe in their relationships, losses and victories. Ray is a great best friend to Orissa and is one anybody would be lucky to have. Padraic is the guy next door who just happens to be a doctor. And Hayden? Well Hayden is just drool worthy and a nice guy – only books right?

The scariest part of this series is how true it could be. This Zombie disease is literally that, a disease that no one knew how to stop. Not so far-fetched as first appears.

All in all a great start to the series and big congratulations to Emily Goodwin for persevering to get her books read through the internet and finally getting picked up by Permuted Press. My verdict 9/10. I hope the others in the series are just as good!



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