Competition Time!

how to run a successful Facebook competition

Hello readers! A bit of a posting overload today but the last one for the evening. Most of us in the blogging world like to think that we are pretty good writers. To put this to the test I know a competition headed by an author friend of mine. To explain the competition I shall give you to the capable hands of Claire Wingfield.

“I have been busy arranging a festive giveaway. Anyone who reviews my writing e-book ’52 Dates for Writers’ on Amazon or Goodreads by Christmas Eve will be entered into a draw to win a subscription to one of the following magazines: Mslexia, The Self-Publishing Magazine, Lonely Planet Traveller, or National Geographic. If you’ve previously reviewed, you can still enter, but need to drop me an email stating your preferred magazine to do so. Full details of the competition can be found here.”

A plus, you might learn some tips for your own writing. Have fun and good luck to all who enter!


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