Body Double – Tess Gerritsen

Yes fair readers, another Tess Gerritsen book! Rizzoli and Isles are back in the Body Double and we find out more about Maura Isles in this instalment. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the Rizzoli and Isles series and I am glad that there is a new one out for me to sink my teeth into.


We start off in Paris, with Dr. Isles on a conference. (I sure wish my work took me to Paris for conferences!) When she returns home, she finds her street completely cut off with police. Obviously curious as to what has occurred, she enters into the throng of police to discover a dead woman outside her house. While this in itself is a horrifying discovery, Maura finds herself to be seeing a woman whom is identical to her. This literally is a body double.

We have know since The Apprentice that Dr. Isles has been adopted but it is only now that we explore this avenue of her life. It seems she was put up for adoption with her twin sister for the price of $20,000 each. Quite a sum of money. It also turns out that her biological mother is currently serving a life sentence in a woman’s prison for the murder of two women, one of which was pregnant. Under the insanity plea, Maura’s mum is given a lighter time of it by the wardens but Maura is able to see past this mask into the intelligent eyes of an abused murderer.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman with a toe-rag of a husband is kidnapped and put inside a box and buried. However, she is left with food, water, air and light meaning this clearly isn’t you every day usual psychopath. A pregnant Jane Rizzoli is trying to piece together the mystery of Maura’s sister, the disappearance of a pregnant lady and the development of a 45 year old crime scene within a house that Maura’s sister had rented.


I have said this in the previous book. I love this series. The characters are interesting and well thought out and each story gives you a personal insight into each of their lives. Father Brophy is still around in this book and hints at possibilities for future books.

Gerritsen tackles quite sensitive issues, this one of adoption and pregnancy and how our actions can affect future generations. Jane’s nemesis of Hoyt is mentioned again and it is good to see the continuity with little comments like Jane makes throughout this book. It helps make the die-hard fans feel special when they notice these things.

Again, Gerritsen’s knowledge of medical history is noticeable throughout the series and this book. The friendship between Rizzoli and Isles is growing and we can see that they are getting to be firmly in the friend category, even as far as Rizzoli offering her couch to Isles when her life is possibly in danger. All exciting developments for future books!

My verdict: 8.5/10. Same as the last instalment and hopefully this trend shall continue!


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