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Killer Swell – Jeff Shelby

As some of you may know, this blog has it own Twitter account. From this, tweets appear of new posts and people can tweet if they want a book reviewing or just to generally say hi. So I received a friend request from Jeff Shelby. He is an american writer and was this blogs first follower on Twitter. So, after reading his profile and finding he was a writer I thought I’d thank him for the follow through a review of his first novel, Killer Swell. If the book had been bad, it wouldn’t have been a good thank-you, I know but he was able to publish another two in the series so something must have gone right!


We start with meeting Noah Braddock, a PI from San Diego. He is meeting up with his first ever girlfriend’s mum whom he believed split the two of them up. 11 years later, it is she who needs his help to find her missing daughter (Kate) and believes that his history with her daughter will convince him to take the job. Braddock still remembers his first sweetheart and it is with his memory of her that we find out about the missing girl. She was rich, popular, daddy’s girl and number one sister and student. Braddock starts his search with her husband, a sleazeball of a man who from Noah’s memories of  Kate, it is surprising she would date, let alone marry a man like him. Braddock finds Kate, but not really how he would have wished and her father then employs him to look further into the case, not trusting that the police will keep them informed, or that they will look for the culprit.

During the investigation, we meet Carter and Liz, a best friend and another ex girlfriend. Both went to the same high school as Noah and Kate and both are trying to find the solution to the mystery. Drugs, gangs, FBI, violence, sex, guns and guilt all play a part of this PI book and brings you round to conclusion which you part expect and part are surprised at.


Now, I am not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting that much from this book. It wasn’t available from Amazon UK and I did get it relatively cheap from America (their postage is so cheap!). However, I was pleasantly surprised. I finished it in one night. It reminded me of Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mystery PI series and as I’ve just begun to start the series off and love them, that’s quite a compliment. Noah Braddock is a loveable good guy and his best friend is a hoot. I love Liz as well even though she is portrayed as a tight arse at the start but we see her softer side towards the end. The character interactions were well thought out and executed swiftly. The plot was ok and made sense and I liked the slight twist at the end, making it a little more unexpected and I thought the best point was that even though Kate seemed to have made some very wrong choices, we always see Braddock’s Kate, meaning we feel empathy for her. A key point when she is the catalyst to all the guilt and pain Braddock goes through in this book.

Overall, a good book and has made me want to read the others in the Noah Braddock series so a very solid 8/10.

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