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The Power of 5 – Anthony Horowitz

Well hello! It’s been a while. I have been working in France for contiki┬ámeaning internet use and just being able to read has been

limited. But I’m home now so back to the reading and reviewing.

I have started off this new chance to read by re-reading an old favourite. The Power of Five is a teen series by Anthony Horowitz and the new and final book was released this week. I have of course ordered it and as such felt that I should refresh my memory of the story.


We start off the series with “Raven’s Gate”. The first chapter introduces us to Matthew Freeman. A troubled teen without parents and a horrible aunt. He breaks into a warehouse with a friend and we soon learn that there is more to Matt than we first thought. He has the ability to sense when something is going to happen, a link to the future.

He ends up in trouble for the warehouse and enters a new scheme invented to help troubled teens called LEAF. He finds himself in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside with a weird village and even weirder villagers. Everyone who seems to try and help him are killed and then Matt begins to piece together what is happening to him and with the help of a young journalist, Richard Cole, he begins his new life as one of the 5.


I love this series. Actually I love Anthony Horowitz. His Alex Rider books were some of my favourites as a young teen. There are twists and turns and you do have to accept the far-fetched to really like these. However, Horowitz writes them so well that it doesn’t take much for you to believe in the storyline of the Old Ones. Straight away you can tell that this is the same author as that of the Alex Rider books due to the same flow and pace of the books. Some might call this a bad thing, that he can’t change his writing for different stories but why change something that clearly works?

As an adult re-reading them they haven’t quite held the magic that they used to possess unlike Harry Potter has. Definitely one for young teenagers or for you to read as a bed time story to your kids if this is the first time you will read them.

However, this is still a great series and an excellent introduction to it. I give the book a 7/10.

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